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Technology Tools

Here is list of the technology tools I commonly use in the classroom.  These tools are all free or available at minimal cost. 

Presentation Tools

Prezi is an online presentation maker that allows photo and video integration.  It has a unique software design that lets the creator zoom and fly throughout the presentation.  Prezi automatically saves your progress every few minutes and all presentation data is stored online for easy access.    

Voice Thread is an online presentation maker that allows the user to add voice and sketches over a Power Point or PDF slide show.  Other users can add comments throughout the presentation to create an online discussion.  Additionally, there is a Voice Thread app for iOS and android devices.

Slide Rocket is an online presentation maker that allows for full integration with web 2.0 sites and applications.  Additionally, you can work on mobile platforms, connect through social networks, and design unique presentations that don't follow the standard PowerPoint template.  

Pow Toon, while only in it's Beta stage, promises to be an enjoyable and unique presentation builder.  By incorporating animations, music, and voice overs, users can create incredibly creative presentations.  While there is a fee for signing up, free trials are also available.  

Creaza is an online tool that can be used to create comics, mind maps, movies, and edit audio.  The basic version of each of these is available free, though premium versions can be purchased. Students can use this tool to create a wide variety of projects and stories.  

Creation Tools

Domo Animate is an online tool that lets users create animations using Domo (and other) characters.  It is completely free to use and students can create animations with music, a huge variety of backgrounds, characters, movements, and animations.

Glogster is an online poster maker.  Students can embed pictures, videos, link, and other types of hypermedia within their poster.  Also, posters can be shared through social media.  Plus, they have an iOS app for mobile use.  

Timeglider is an online time line maker.  Much like Glogster, students can incorporate various forms of hypermedia within their project.  The free version only allows students to create a limited number of timelines, but full functionality is still available.  

Web Design and Publishing Tools

Weebly is a free web design, publishing, and hosting site.  Users can create their own unique site for no cost.  You can integrate HTML, videos, photos, music, widgets, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  Weebly also has a pro version which does have a cost for more advanced features.     

Wordpress is similar to Weebly, but it's main use is for creating blogs.  It is also free of charge and has a wide variety of integration possibilities with hypermedia.  You can set up your blog incredibly easily and with no technical knowledge whatsoever.  

Wix is a web design and hosting site that allows users to create free webpages.  They utilize a simple drag and drop interface to create flash and HTML 5 websites.  Wix also has a large variety of templates to use or you can create your site from scratch.  


Kid Blogs is a great site for creating and managing a classroom set of blogs.  The teacher can keep the site organized while the students post blog updates.  Kid Blogs has plenty of restrictions to ensure student safety, an easy to understand interface, and can be used free of charge.

Edudemic is a great online resource for teachers.  From blogs to lesson ideas to product reviews, this site has it all.  Plus, they have a heavy focus on new technology tools.  They've got great reviews on new education apps, and recommendations for what works well in the classroom.     

Tech Blogs and Information

Edutopia is an excellent resource sponsored by the George Lucas foundation.    They have a huge array of resources, videos, ideas from schools that are running exemplary programs, blogs, and much more.  This site is definitely my all around favorite education resource.

Mindshift provides excellent articles, reviews, and discussions over how technology is influencing education.  They've got blogs, reviews, debates, and heaps of information about the role technology plays in education.  

ISTE (The International Society for Technology in Eduction) is home now only to the NET standards but to a wealth of information, professional development opportunities, blogs, conferences, and much much more.  All teachers concerned with integrating technology should pay ISTE a visit.  

Ed Tech Teachers has an incredibly well organized resource list broken down by goals and objectives.  If you know what topic you want to teach your students, and you're curious about what technology you could use, this is an excellent site to check out.

Additional Resources

Free Tech for Teachers (By Richard Byrne) is an excellent resource for teachers who are looking for new classroom technology.  He's got tutorials, demonstrations, reviews, and tons of other resources all dedicated to helping teachers find the best tech for their students.

Jackie Gerstein (My former Ed Tech instructor) has an enormous wealth of technology tools which she describes on her personal website.  She has resources for pretty much everything, from finding lesson plans, to creating assessments and everything in between.  

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